NC provides counselling services to people living anywhere in Ontario. Currently, I provide services via virtual visits, which means counselling/psychotherapy delivered online in a safe, comfortable location of your choosing. With virtual visits, I bring the service to you vs. bringing you to the service. I am well-versed in providing effective online counselling across a broad range of mental health needs, including healing from trauma. Research demonstrates that virtual visits are as equally effective and beneficial as the traditional in-person model. Most people quickly become accustomed to connecting online and discover that virtual visits are not all that different from meeting in-person. Furthermore, virtual visits can have substantial, added benefits for you, including greater accessibility of service, convenience of scheduling and reduced overall cost since transportation expenses, such as gas and parking, are effectively eliminated. NC's virtual services have a low carbon footprint, which is a benefit for all of us and our planet. If you're not sure if virtual visits would work for you, I can set up a free virtual consultation for you with zero obligation. 

How do virtual visits work?

Please call or email me to set up your first appointment. From there, I will set you up with a confidential account with login credentials on NC's client portal. In the portal, you can quickly and easily review, schedule and cancel appointments, as well as view receipts and add your payment information. At the time of your virtual visit, using your phone, tablet or computer, just enter the client portal and click on the video icon in the portal calendar. It's that simple! There is no software or app to download. At NC, I use OWL software, which is encrypted, secure, and PHIPA-compliant, so you can rest assured that the privacy of your personal information is protected. I will start your teletherapy session at the appointed time. At the beginning of the session, I will ask you to confirm that you are in a safe and private place to proceed with counselling.

What can you expect at your first session? 

At your first session, I will review important policies and practices of NC with respect to informed consent, confidentiality and cancellation policy. I will assess your needs for counselling/therapy by reviewing your past and current mental health challenges. I will help you to identify your goals for counselling/therapy and discuss the most effective approach for achieving them, taking into consideration any of your financial concerns with respect to limitations on number of sessions or duration of service. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about NC, my approach or anything else related to our services.