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At New Connections (NC), you are at the centre of your recovery. You are the expert in your life. I work with you to mobilize the natural healing force that already resides within your mind-body system. Moreover, I believe that the meaning and importance of your mental health cannot be defined simply by a diagnosis or a set of symptoms. I provide counselling services that foster critical dialogue and facilitate an exploration of your mental health in all its dimensions: cultural, social, physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual. This involves developing the self-knowledge, resources and abilities that foster adaptive ways of relating to yourself and others. Making new connections is essential to increasing your resilience, your capacity to bend and flow: a step-by-step path that leads to creating positive change through self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion. I am here to support your journey toward equanimity, balance and peace of mind.

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Pursue some path, however narrow or crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.

- Henry David Thoreau

How you are uniquely connected (or not) to your sense of self, others and community is fundamentally important to NC’s approach. At NC, I employ a range of therapeutic practices and principles to create an approach that facilitates health-restoring connections in your life. I fit the therapy around you rather than trying to fit you into the therapy. I help to identify counselling goals that are relevant and useful to you with respect to improving your mental health. Through a dialogic, client-centred process, I explore the meanings and impacts of your mental health experiences, including past, present and future challenges. Deepening your understanding of your mental health is an essential first step in creating positive personal change.

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