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Insurance Coverage


If you have health insurance, privately or through your employer, then it is quite possible that you have benefits that would cover the costs of NC’s services, at least in some part. The majority of health insurance companies, such as Sun Life, Manulife, Green Shield, Great-West Life, Standard Life, Cooperators and Blue Cross cover counselling/psychotherapy provided by a Registered Social Worker (RSW) or a counsellor/therapist with Master’s of Social Work (MSW). Many post-secondary students also qualify for coverage through their student insurance plans.


Since every insurance company operates with different policies and provides different levels of coverage for counselling/psychotherapy services, it is recommended to:

  • check under the extended health section of your insurance company’s website or check your benefits package for coverage for counselling/psychotherapy with an RSW or MSW

  • call your insurance company and ask if you are covered for counselling/psychotherapy with an RSW or MSW


Other questions to consider when determining your eligibility for insurance coverage include:​

  • How many counselling/psychotherapy sessions does my insurance cover annually?

  • Is there a coverage limit per counselling/psychotherapy session?

  • What is my total annual coverage for counselling/psychotherapy?


Before your first session, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to verify how much coverage, if any, that you have for counselling/therapy. At your first session, I will review your coverage to help determine the parameters of a treatment plan that is affordable for you. You are responsible for any fees not covered by your insurance company. I cannot provide a refund if you discover after your appointment that you are not eligible for coverage. Please note that any fees not covered through health benefits are tax deductible.



  • 50-minute Individual Session with a Registered Social Worker (RSW): $155 

  • 50-minute Couples Session with a Registered Social Worker (RSW): $180

  • Third-Party Consultation (e.g. client-requested disclosures to other service professionals such as case conferences, letters or reports): $155 per hour +HST

My fees are low, comparable to other counselling services and are intentionally set at a more affordable rate, reflecting NC's commitment to equity and accessibility in mental health care. 


Please note that payment is required at the end of each session. NC will provide a receipt that you can then submit to your insurance company for full or partial coverage, depending on your plan. Unfortunately, at this time, NC does not offer direct billing to third parties such as your insurance company. 

If you cancel or do not show up for your scheduled appointment and have not notified me 
48 hours in advance of the session, you will be respectfully expected to pay.



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